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Volunteers play an essential role in successfully operating Armand Bayou Nature Center's unique wildlife refuge and wilderness preserve. If you want to help preserve the environment by sharing the wonders of Armand Bayou's habitats with others, the Nature Center offers a multitude of opportunities to volunteer. Lead a night-time Owl Prowl or a morning trail hike. Participate in farm demonstrations at our Fall Festival or help raise funds through the Silent Auction at Bayou Boil. Or learn more about our habitats through outstanding educational programs. There is a place for you at Armand Bayou.

And it's fun! You'll meet people like you from all walks of life--people interested in helping to preserve the habitats with which we have been entrusted.

Join our over 200 volunteers who keep our Nature Center up and running! If you'd like to get started right away, you can receive specialized training through our mentor program. Not sure where you'd like to begin? Give us a call at 281-474-2551 and we will be happy to explain your many diverse and life enhancing opportunities. Complete the volunteer enrollment form and come by the office today!

For individuals desiring a deeper educational or stewardship experience, the Nature Center offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are trained on how to utilize their skills in nature education, interpretation, conservation and operations, and how to share their interest and experience s with others. Their talents and enthusiasm make the volunteer corps an integral part of ABNC, without which many programs or tasks could not be accomplished.

Armand Bayou Nature Center main site.

How to Log Your Volunteer Hours

It is important for all volunteers to log their hours. Here are five great reasons why you should log your hours and the steps it takes to sign up and start logging them today!

Plants of Armand Bayou

Lyman Brown has put together an excellent compendium of plants that grow at the nature center in four volumes: cultivars, wild plants, trees and shrubs, as well as grasses and sedges. He has made these available as PDF downloads for all volunteers or other people who may be interested. If you happen to notice any errors please let Lyman know (lymanbr@comcast.net).

Latest Newsletter

Check out the latest Bayou Foliage, our volunteer newsletter. For more newsletters check out the news page or view other past issues.

Monthly Volunteer Meetings

Monthly meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month excluding June and July. These meetings are a great opportunity to meet fellow volunteers for networking and socializing.

We meet at 6.30 pm for a 30 minute social with snacks and drinks donated by individual volunteers on a monthly sign up basis. At 7pm we give out notices of upcoming events and then introduce our speaker for the Month. Topics are varied and are usually announced in the week preceding the meeting, check the calendar for more information. We take a short break at 8pm and then wrap up with any business that needs to be discussed and voted on.

Please accept this invitation to come along and join our growing ranks of volunteers. Suggestions for speakers are greatly appreciated! If you have a suggestion for a speaker contact the chair or another member of the volunteer committee.

Volunteers Needed

Posted by Liz VanOrstrand on 18 Aug 2017
Category: News

We have two volunteer opportunities come up in the next week.

On Friday, August 25 from 9 to 1 pm Raquel Lewis will be the Mistress of Ceremonies as she takes on the project of getting the Pole Barn back in shape. She could use 2 to 4 people to help her out.

Then on Tuesday, August 29 from 9 to noon, we will be giving the auditorium lobby a good cleaning and could use a few extra hands.

Animal Etiquette for the Public

Posted by Liz VanOrstrand on 27 Jun 2017
Category: News

We have noticed that people need to be reminded about Animal Etiquette. Kristin has given us a few did different lines we can use to remind them of how to act. Please remember that most people don't understand that animals get stressed just like we do. It is our job to help them understand this universal concept. We all need to help people understand how to better connect with our resources.

Animal Etiquette for the Public
" Try to keep in mind that you are entering the animal's home and we want to keep them comfortable. Loud noises and rapid movements startle them."
" The quieter you are when observing educational ambassadors and wildlife, the more likely you are to observe their natural and interesting behavior. Try to avoid loud noises and rapid movements."
" When it comes to the educational ambassadors and wildlife you may see here at the Nature Center, remember proper viewing etiquette. Which includes, keeping voices low, limiting disruptive movement, not throwing items at animals/into enclosures, not tapping on glass/fence, and keeping hands and feet outside of enclosures." 

Used Tennis Balls

Posted by Rebekah Gano on 25 May 2017
Category: Opportunities

EcoCamps need used tennis balls - lots! Please deliver to the education department.

Snakes are out

Posted by Polly Swerdlin on 15 Feb 2017
Category: News

From Tom Scarsella:
I saw a Copperhead in the vegetable garden tool shed on Sunday afternoon.  It slithered away into the floor space under the cabinet.  Nothing to worry about.  We'll move some things away carefully with a goal of reducing the hiding places close to one's feet.

It was a pretty little thing; maybe a foot long and not at all interested in a confrontation.  It  may have been the same one Hilary and I found hiding under a tub by the compost in January. The snake and I met again in the shed on Sunday afternoon and there was a mutual retreat.

Reminding everyone that Spring has arrived and that snakes are likely to be encountered in all the usual places.

Requesting Storage Bins

Posted by Polly Swerdlin on 10 Feb 2017
Category: Opportunities

The Birthing Shed in the Martyn Farm area is a storage place for our Harvest Festival supplies.  We have now succeeded in getting everything up off the moist ground, however it is important to eliminate any cardboard boxes and get other items protected.  To do so, we need a few more plastic, see-thru bins with positive closures so insects can’t get at the contents.  If you have a container to donate, please drop it off in classroom 3, the library.  They should be at least shoe-box size (6 quart), and not more than 66 quart.  The see-thru feature makes it easy for inventory.

Thank you – Monday Mob

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