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Armand Bayou Nature Center

The gallery contains pictures and small blogs submitted by volunteers highlighting the wide variety of activities and wildlife found at the Armand Bayou Nature Center

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7 out of 10 T shirts represented

Posted by Gaye Batiz on October 15, 2016 14:48 CDT
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2016 Prairie Pandemonium and we broke those old Tshirts out for the occasion - L/R Gail Gawenis 2016, Beth Frohme 2015, Madeline Barnes 2014, Jennifer Logsdon, 2012, Barbara Kress 2011, Gaye Batiz 2009, and Capt. Mark Kramer 2007. 

Scape Moth on Button Bush

Posted by Gaye Batiz on June 26, 2016 22:54 CDT
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Young Copperhead

Posted by Polly Swerdlin on June 5, 2016 19:21 CDT
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There was a young copperhead spotted today (June 5) just outside the farmhouse garden area.

Stuffing Party

Posted by Polly Swerdlin on January 13, 2016 13:28 CST
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Tuesday we had lots of fun stuffing envelopes for mailing out to ABNC members for the upcoming Members' Meeting January 23.  Susan, Fred, Nancy, Darleen, Jessica, and Leda.  Not shown - photographer Polly, and others; Julia, Jill B and Liz.

Winter Walk

Posted by Gaye Batiz on December 31, 2015 01:03 CST
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I took advantage of the cooler weather to take a walk today at Armand Bayou Nature Center.  Met this little fellow on the trail, I love his pink nose.

New Volunteers

Posted by Polly Swerdlin on September 26, 2015 20:57 CDT
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Our second September class group picture.  Nice bunch!

2015 Fall Migration is underway

Posted by Gaye Batiz on September 13, 2015 19:03 CDT
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This weekend has been brilliant, the weather outstanding!  This weekend has been one full of birding for me, I joined the monthly HAS birdcount, 25 people showed up... great turnout, and well worth it, we recorded 71 species on 3 sites, UHCL, Bay Area Park and ABNC.  If you are interested in joining the birdcount it is held 2nd Saturday every month, meeting in the front parking lot at 7 am.

This is a juvenile Mississippi Kite, spotted on the Karankawa Trail on Saturday.  Lots of Flycatchers around especially Great Crested Flycatchers plus other migrants.

Antlers Galore

Posted by Gaye Batiz on August 11, 2015 11:12 CDT
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Great time of year to get out with the camera, that is if you can stand the heat.  All the young bucks at Armand Bayou Nature Center are sporting fine sets of antlers ready for the fall rut.  Early morning or later in the afternoon is the best time to spot them.

Blue Jasmine

Posted by Gaye Batiz on March 22, 2015 10:16 CDT
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One of our less common flowers, Blue Jasmine, Clematis crispa.... very small, delicate and extremely pretty.

return of the Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Posted by Gaye Batiz on March 22, 2015 10:12 CDT
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Last year we had a pair of Yellow Crowned Night Heron's nest over the Boardwalk Pond.  I am pleased to say they are back again this year so hopefully more babies for our visitors to see.  The plumage on these birds is beautiful.

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